• Enneagram Spiritual Integration Group


    The Enneagram Spiritual Integration Group is a small group of people who want to share with and support each other using the tool of the Enneagram to identify the “chief feature” with which each must work in order to deepen spiritual integration. The group sessions will include some physical movement and breathing exercises for release and energizing, study of the Enneagram and the spiritual Continue Reading

  • Interesting Article…


    Thought you would find this interesting… Childhood Maltreatment Can Leave Scars In The Brain http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/11/04/242945454/childhood-maltreatment-can-leave-scars-in-the-brain Thanks!

  • Bibliotherapy Techniques to Decrease Separation Anxiety in Children


    The beginning of the school year brings about many challenges for parents and for children. A specific challenge that often impacts young children entering into their first year of school is separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a normal part of development in children but can also be a difficult and helpless time for children, as well as parents. Separation anxiety Continue Reading

  • Just as You Are


    Part of me hesitates to share this at the risk of adding to the bloated mountain of “expert” advice we have at our fingertips 24 hours a day. Videos, books, articles, and blog posts overwhelm with unrealistic guidelines, “10-Things” oversimplifications, and other how-to instructions on creating the perfect life or fixing aspects of ourselves (or others) we’ve labeled broken. I Continue Reading

  • A Good Cry Cleanses


    A “good cry” has some paradoxical elements to it. It is about pain and relief, despair and hope, loss and gain. It is restorative and cleansing because it activates the homeostatic systems of the body that restore optimal function. Tears that cleanse irritants from the eyes are different from the tears in a good cry. The good cry tears contain Continue Reading

  • You Can Change Your Brain


      Recent research has determined that our brains produce new cells throughout our lives as we learn to carry out new tasks. The technical terms are neurogenesis, the creation of new neurons, and neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form new connections and clusters of neurons to carry our various tasks. It is also call “experience-dependent brain development”, meaning Continue Reading

  • Celebrate Wellness a Success!


    Celebrate Wellness was a fun festival of wellness opportunities in the Athens community! The day started out cool.  Staff and volunteers scurried around to set up the stage where soon there would be Yoga and other fun body movement experiences.  Exhibitors were pointed in the direction of their places to set up.  Tents popped up all around to protect from Continue Reading

  • Samaritan Spring 2013 update


    Thank You to our supporters The Center has received word from both First Presbyterian Church and Emmanuel Episcopal Church that they will be increasing their support of the Counseling Assistance Fund for 2013.  We are so grateful for their support, especially since we are already seeing an increase this year in requests for assistance. More good news We will be Continue Reading

  • Thanks Given for Grants Received


    Samaritan is grateful for the grants we have received this year from local groups.  The Emmanuel Thrift House gave us a generous grant for our Counseling Assistance Fund.  We are also grateful for grants to support wellness and counseling from the Lampkin Foundation and the Newland Family Foundation. These organizations are generous supporters of community outreach and we are honored Continue Reading

  • Tom Camp to Lead Workshop at Faith and Citizenship Conference


    Religion and politics, two subjects certain to start a “conversation,” will be at the center of a two-day Piedmont College conference to be held in Athens on February 22-23, 2013. “Faith and Citizenship: Religion in the Public Square,” is the theme for the college’s sixth annual Religion and the Liberal Arts Conference, which will feature addresses by Barbara Brown Taylor, Continue Reading